How Do I update my iCloud password if I have 2FA enabled?

If you have turned on 2 factor authentication for your iCloud account, you will need to set up an app-specific password to be used just for your SaneBox login.                                
1. How do I know if I have 2FA turned on?
When you login to manage your Apple ID, it will be listed in the Security section:
2. How do I create a password to be used just for SaneBox? 
 A.) Click on Generate Password
B.) You'll See an option to type in the name of the app this password will be for
C.) Enter in "SANEBOX" as seen below
D.) Apple will generate a password for you. Write this down or save it in a password manager. 
3. How do I use this password with SaneBox?
A.) Login to your SaneBox account here:
+ If you cannot login, go here to reset your SaneBox password:
B.) Once logged in, enter your new SaneBox password in the password entry box as seen below
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