What is SaneFwd and how to use it?

What is SaneFwd:
A SaneFwd folder works exactly like a Custom Training Folder. Except emails we redirect to that folder will also be forwarded to your indicated addresses.
Acceptable Forwarding addresses:
SaneFwd allows you to forward to many approved third party services (like these):
  1. Any.Do
  2. Asana
  3. Concur
  4. Concur (Tripit Pro)
  5. Evernote
  6. Expensify
  7. Instapaper
  8. Kayak
  9. LeanKit
  10. Nozbe
  11. Omni Sync Mail Drop
  12. Pocket
  13. Pushover
  14. Readability
  15. Receipt Bank
  16. Remember the Milk
  17. Shoeboxed
  18. Todoist
  19. Trello
  20. Tripit
  21. Wunderlist
  22. Zapier

If you have any suggestions for domains you would like to see make this list, please contact us at: support@sanebox.com.

You may also forward to emails on your work domains.  You can go here to see a list of acceptable work domains for you. Scroll down to the section labeled "Domains SaneBox thinks are important to you"
Creating a SaneFwd Folder:
Go to your Sane Folders page. Click on the "Add new custom training or forwarding folder" link. A screen will appear that will allow you to choose whether you would like this new folder to be a normal custom training folder or a forwarding folder. 

Assigning forwarding addresses:
You can assign multiple forwarding addresses to the folder. Emails will be sent to each address so assigned.  You will see this control after you create your SaneFwd folder:
Forwarding New or All Emails
With SaneFwd, you'll have the ability to have all emails forwarded by that contact or only new emails going forward. Adjusting this setting to "New" will only forward future emails.  
The All Emails setting will forward the email you put into your SaneFwd folder plus all emails from that contact to the forwarded email address that you have setup. 
Do you want only new emails to be forwarded?
Do you want to have your forwarded emails marked as read?
What Current Users are Using it for:
  1. Forwarding work emails you receive to your personal account to your work account to deal with at a later date.
  2. Auto forward all parking / train receipts
  3. Set up two SaneFwd folders. One is for each team. You can simply move emails that come to you into the relevant folder for the right team to process. 
  4. Forward emails from a bank to your accountant.
General Notes:
To distinguish between your normal mail and emails that are forwarded, you will see [SaneFwd] in the subject line. If you would like this to be turned off, please drop us a note here.
Lastly, emails that are forwarded will appear in your Sent folder, as usual.
If you need a domain added to your own personal dashboard, simply write to support and we'll add it for you. 
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