SaneBox + Google Inbox


This article describes how to effectively use SaneBox with Inbox by Google.

Inbox by Google tends to keep hundreds of bundled messages in your inbox. Some default bundle folders actually end up being distractions and prevent you from staying focused on your task at hand.

Workflow Strategies

At SaneBox, we are the experts in providing a clean Inbox. Although default Google Inbox bundles such as Travel, Purchases, Finance etc. serve as organizational folders for email, over time those emails begin piling up in your inbox.

Stick with our easy filtering folders like @SaneBulk or @SaneBlackHole to train your emails to become less of a distraction by moving them automatically out of your inbox.

We’ve done the work to learn how SaneBox and Inbox by Google fit into a great formula for success. Put these tips to work and use SaneBox to optimize your Inbox by Google workflow experience!

Choosing the right Bundles

  1. Click on the top left Menu button 
  2. Scroll down to "Settings."

  3. Disable any default bundles that don't make sense for a priority pure Inbox.

Unbundle lower priority senders

If a certain email in your inbox is from a sender that can usually wait until later, use these steps to thin the herd of items diluting your inbox view.  For example, this may include individual or repeating newsletters or Promos or Purchases.

  1. When seen bundled, select an example email for that lower priority sender.
  2. Use the Move to button  and then choose to remove it from the bundle.

  3. Tap or click on ALWAYS DO THIS in the confirmation prompt, to tell Google Inbox not to place mail from that sender in the bundle again.


This way you won't be bothered by duplicate presentations of low priority emails that should stay in SaneLater or SaneBulk or SaneNews where they belong.

How to train emails from your Inbox to move to your @SaneLater

NOTE: These trainings can be applied to any SaneBox folders.

  1. Click on the email you want to move in your Inbox.
  2. On the right, click the Move to button  and select @SaneLater.

    Note: *Do not* accept the choice to "Always Do This" that Google Inbox suggests because SaneBox will do it better.

How to move emails from your @SaneLater folder to your Inbox

NOTE: These trainings can be applied to any SaneBox folders.

Option 1:

  1. Click on the top left main Menu button 
  2. Scroll down, select @SaneLater.
  3. Click on the email you want to move to your Inbox.
  4. Uncheck the green check  mark to return your email to your Inbox.


Option 2:

If you PIN  an email you see in @SaneLater, that will also change the SaneBox training to Inbox.

NOTE: The black check mark  is your "Mark done" button you use to archive mail from your Inbox or Sane folders. It's just like archive to "All Mail" in Gmail web mail.  

NOTE: If you snooze a non-inbox Sane folder email using it will look like a training to us.

And if you are using SaneBox through Google Inbox, we love your feedback!


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