Why SaneBox is not free


There's an old saying "If you're not paying for a product, then YOU are the product".  Any company offering a free service needs to generate a profit at some point, so they will have to either go out of business or monetize their customers somehow (e.g. selling your data to advertisers).  

We started SaneBox to help you with email. You are our customer - not our product.  We will never sell your data (it's in our Terms of Service) or show you ads. Our support team works 7 days a week if you have any questions or problems.  

Our algorithms are very personalized and data intensive, which is not cheap and requires staff and equipment.  We simply want to help you, and in the process to provide you with much more value than our cost.  All we ask is you try it for free for 2 weeks. If you don't feel $7/month (or $4/month if you pay for 2 years in advance) is worth the value we're providing, canceling is always one click away and we will put everything back the way we found it!

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