Beyond SaneLater: More Sane Folder Choices


Folders You Read

Folders You Use

By default, SaneBox enables two Sane folders, your Inbox and @SaneLater. Your Inbox includes email you should look at soon, and @SaneLater includes email you should look at when you have some spare time later.

Additionally, SaneBox can put your very least important mail that you only need to look at as a reference in a folder named @SaneBulk. @SaneNews is a folder that holds newsletters and other mailing lists. And, @SaneCC is a folder stores all the emails you have been CC'ed on to help you focus on the actionable emails directed specifically towards you.
If you prefer, you can also create a Custom Training Folder, and anything you train to that folder will be delivered there automatically.

SaneBox can also create a few folders that you use instead of read.  
@SaneBlackHole allows you to train senders directly into your Trash.
@SaneReminders will send you a reminder if you haven't received a response from a particular email or if you would like a reminder at a particular time. (Allotment of monthly @SaneReminders depends on subscription level.) 
@SaneTomorrow and @SaneNextWeek will relocate emails from your Inbox until tomorrow or next week so they don't clutter or distract.  You can also create a Custom Defer Folder if you prefer this feature for a different length of time.  
When you enable or disable an optional Sane folder, there will be a small delay of 5-30 minutes before your changes take affect. During this time, your Inbox may become messy while emails are being relabeled.  Don't worry, your trainings will not be forgotten during this time!  
After waiting a few minutes, you may need to restart or re-sync your email application in order to see the changes. Some email programs may require you to re-subscribe to your selected IMAP folders.
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