@SaneReminders Problems & Solutions


You will know your SaneReminder didn't get created if...

1.  The email wasn't copied into your @SaneReminders Folder
2.  You go to https://www.sanebox.com/dashboard/reminders and you don't see it there

3.  You got a bounce email 

Here are the reasons this might have happened:

You haven't properly set up your Sent folder so it contains receipts of all your sent mail. Click here for directions on how to fix that:

You didn't use a proscribed SaneReminder address.  

  • All Dates start with a Month word in English like Jan or January.

  • Day of Weeks are in english like Mon or Monday

  • All Times end with AM or PM. 

  • We understand delimiters like . or + or - (try to delimit your address)

  • Don't use spaces

  • So Jan.8@sanebox.com or Jan.8.8AM@SaneBox.com is OK

  • So Monday@sanebox.com or Mon.9PM@sanebox.com is OK

Click here for full details on this
Note: If your email server is using Active Sync, you will not be able to use our @SaneReminders feature. We are currently working on a fix for that! 
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