How can I change/update my email address, username/password, provider or server settings?

Update your email account details via the settings section of your SaneBox Dashboard.

A. Migration of Trainings to a New Email Address

To swap out an email address you already have set to be processed by SaneBox with a different addresses that you'd like SaneBox to work through, use the "change" link shown in the animation below.

This will preserve your existing SaneBox trainings and migrate them, so they will continue to work through the alternate email address you change to.

. Email Server Username / ID Change

If your email username has changed, visit your settings tab and follow the steps depicted below. You will be prompted to enter your new email username and confirm your email password.

Note: Often the user name for the mail server will be your entire email address and then your email administrator might make a change and tell you to just use a special ID instead or even a domain\ID format.


C. Email Account Password Update

To make an update and provide SaneBox with your new email password, visit your settings tab and follow the simple steps depicted below.

D. Email Hosting Server Update
(Did you switch hosts, servers, or service providers?)

To keep the same email address set for SaneBox filtering and just update the email server setting, visit your settings tab and follow these steps. 

If switching to a popular provider, just click on any of the ready-made choices.

Otherwise, enter the new IMAP server address provided by your email administrator. If unsure of the new incoming server setting, here are step-by-step instructions on how to look for those details.

Note: for exchange hosted email, enter your webmail URL, copied from your web browser address bar after you've logged into OWA.




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