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What is @SaneReminders (formerly @SaneRemindMe) and how does it work?

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posted this on February 07, 2013 15:51

SaneReminders notifies you when an email you sent wasn't responded to by a certain time. It's also an easy way to send a reminder to your future self.  



There are 2 different use cases for it:

  1. You want to make sure an email you send is replied to by a certain time.  Say you want to follow up on a lead in a week, but only if you don't hear back (this is how most people use it)

  2. You want to defer processing an email or send your future self a reminder (i.e. put back into your Inbox by a certain time).

How to set follow up reminders

Put a reminder email address (e.g., etc - more on the options below) in the Cc: or Bcc: field.  SaneBox will track this email and put it back into the top of your Inbox at the time indicated, unless the email has been replied to.

If you want the reminder regardless of whether or not you got a reply, add the word "keep" to the address (e.g. etc)



  • Send an email To: and BCC:, and if the milk man doesn't reply by Monday at 10am, we will put that email back into your Inbox, so you can resend it and make sure you get your milk. You can then simply click "reply" and remove the SaneReminders stuff at the top of the email. The milk man will feel horrible about missing the delivery.


How to defer processing an email or send a reminder to your future self

If you want to send yourself a reminder or defer processing an email, put the reminder email address (e.g. etc) in the To: field.

  • Send an email To: with the following subject: "Buy flowers for my beautiful wife". And your Valentine's Day will be a success.
  • If an email in your Inbox isn't actionable for 2 more weeks, Forward it to:  It will pop back in your Inbox then. 

SaneReminder Addresses 

Pretty much anything you can think of will work for a SaneReminder address.


1. Minutes, hours, days, weeks, months from now: <quantity><time frame>

m = minutes
h = hours
d = days
w = weeks
mo = months
y = years

Lastly, you can simply use (which is 24 hours from when you send the email), (which is Monday morning at 2am), or (which is the same date in the next month).


2. Day of the week: <weekday>
You can use the full word or a weekday abbreviations -- or  Your reminder will arrive at the current time on that day. You can also set the hour if you prefer a different time --


3. Date: <day><month name> or <month name><day>
You may use the month abbreviations -- or
You can set the time as well -- (so you don't miss that champagne toast)!


4. Time of day: <hour><am or pm> or <hour>.<minute><am or pm>

Receive a reminder at particular time in the next 24 hours -- if you send to at 10pm then you'll be reminded tomorrow at 5pm; if you send to then you'll get one in 30 minutes. SaneBox does support a 24 hour clock. is the same to us as (Yes, we are respectful of people outside the USA). 


5. Keep: <normal-reminder-address> 

Want to send a reminder that can't be cancelled by a reply -- if you send to then you will be reminded tomorrow even if the person you send the email to replies.  


Repeating Reminders

Add each or every to your reminder address and we'll keep sending you reminders until you receive a reply or cancel the reminder.
  1. -- receive a reminder at this time every day
  2. -- receive a reminder every monday morning
  3. -- receive a reminder every Thursday at this time
  4. -- receive a reminder every year on April 5th
  5. - receive a reminder on the 10th of every month for paying bills and such
  6. - receive a reminder on the first wednesday of every month 

Hints and Tips 

  • You can use the symbols + _ - . as separators between pretty much anything:
  • Your email is never stored on our server, but this feature requires that when the alarm goes off, we download it to our server long enough to resend it to you.  
  • The time of day defaults to the current wall-clock time unless you specify otherwise.  If you say Monday, you'll get a followup at this time on the next Monday. There is one exception -- sends you a message on Monday at 2am.
  • All times are in your default timezone. Make sure this is set correctly in your Settings in the section labeled Your Account.
  • We try to send the reminder as close to the correct time as possible, but we may be off by a few minutes.
  • If you want to have the reminders added to your Calendar automatically read this
  • We also understand first, second, third, fourth, fifth


The @SaneReminders folder

After you create your first reminder, we will create a new folder called @SaneReminders.  This will hold a copy of the emails that you have requested a reminder for. Please don't delete these emails.  If you do, we will only be able to send you a generic reminder instead of resending the actual email back to your Inbox.  Like all Sane folders, you are welcome to rename @SaneReminders to be anything you want.


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